20th October

Viking Optical Peregrine ED 8X42 Binoculars – A Review

It is important to us that our products are made to the highest quality, because of this we love hearing about the experiences our customers have had with our products so we can continue to produce equipment to this standard. Our Peregrine ED binocular has recently been taken out for testing and a spot of birding by James Hamilton, an avid birder who blogs to communicate any exciting news with fellow birders. 

Glass Objective Lens:

A key feature of these binoculars is the extra low dispersion glass that we use in the lens construction, to promote sharper images with a finer contrast. James tested our binoculars on an October morning which he described as being “lovely and crisp”, he continued by saying “the light gathering power of these binoculars is really, very good and on another level to bins without. And given the bright images being displayed in low light, just after dawn – this is very noticeable through the Peregrines.”

James then went on to say that he was “really impressed with the excellent colours on show in the wing and even though this was a fairly good light day in the end, felt that the view would not have been dampened shall we say by the weather on a really bad day”. These extra low dispersion glass lenses can, as well as promoting a sharper image, see less color fringing around the edges of the optics when looking at the objects in the view. This means that in lower light levels and in all weather conditions these optics will still give you a clear image. 

Armour Finish:

We gave these binoculars a smooth rubber armour finish to maximise comfort throughout use. This is a desired feature, especially for birders who go long periods of time holding their binocular while spotting. James has commented on the finish of the armour, saying that “the Peregrine ED Binoculars are waterproof and are finished in a smooth rubber armouring which we really like – it feels like a very modern and functional material for binocular finishing and no doubt helps with the weight both in hand and around your neck. The Peregrines are really comfortable to hold gloveless and we would imagine even when wearing gloves there would be a nice feel to them.”


James rounded off his review with a short and precise overview of his thoughts of our Viking Optical Peregrine ED 8X42 Binoculars; saying that the binoculars are “lightweight, bright, sharp and responsive binoculars with a ‘modern’ feel, courtesy of the smooth rubber armouring. We like these binoculars, we like them a lot.” 

This range of binoculars come in 3 different models, they are lightweight and easy to adjust, meaning that they are suitable for eyeglass wearers, beginners and avid optic users alike. For more information and specifications of these binoculars, contact us on 01986 875315 or browse this range of premium binoculars

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